All players must trial in their correct age groups.

Thurs 21st Feb – Umina Tennis Courts (No soccer boots to be worn)

Under 5’s (born in 2014)                                  6-7pm

Fri 22nd Feb – Brisbane Water High School – Umina Campus

Under 12’s (Born in 2007)                               5-6pm

Under 13’s (Born in 2006)                               6-7pm

Girls Under 12                                                         5.30-6pm

Girls Under 14                                                         6.30-7pm

Sat 23rd Feb – St John’s Primary School

Under 6’s (Born 2013)                                        8-8.45am

Under 7’s (Born 2012)                                        9-9.45am

Under 8’s (Born 2011)                                        10-11.15am

Under 14’s (Born 2005)                                      11.30-12.30pm

Under 9’s (Born 2010)                                        1-2.15pm

Sun 24th Feb – St John’s Primary School

Under 15’s (Born 2004)                                                       8.30-9.30am

Under 16’s (Born 2003)                                                       9.45-10.45am

Under 10’s (Born 2009)                                                       11-12pm

Under 11’s (Born 2008)                                                       12.15-1.15pm

Under 18’s                                                                 1.30-2.30pm