Life members

Leading up to April 2018 – The following people have made an outstanding contribution to Umina United Soccer Club over the years.

1982        Judy Gribble

1984        Rick Rand

1986        Bede Allen

1988        Garry Burgess, Vicki Hubbard

1990        Ken Harrison

1992        Rhonda Allen

1993        Bruce Croft

1996        Chris Murphy

1998        Michael Varley, Leonard Dodds

1999        Dave Allerton, Peter Croft, John Payne Snr, Craig Wilson

2001        Mark Croft, Nathan Heighway

2002        Trevor Bleakley, Phil Rayner

2007        Barry Cole, Chad Wootton

2008        Theresa Payne

2011        Andrew French, Lee Fulwood, Phil Wearmouth, Steve Edmonds, Russell Clews

2014        Michael Murphy, Will Lavers, Warren Todd

2015        Paul Edwards, Gary Chapple

Life Members April 9 2017

Left to right: Phil Wearmouth, Phil Rayner, Paul Edwards, Michael Murphy, Gary Chapple, Neil Burgess, Barry Cole, Will Lavers, Lee Fulwood, Theresa Payne, Warren Todd, Peter Croft, John Payne.