Welcome to the 2021 Umina United soccer season! The following information includes all details relevant to registering for 2021.
What are my soccer fees in 2021?

Age Group Early Birds Price (valid until 15 March 2021) Early Bird Price with Active Kids Voucher (AKV) Discount * Registration Price after 15 March 2021 (AKV can still be applied)
Junior Under 5-7 yrs $190 $90 $210
Junior Under 8-9 yrs $200 $100 $220
Junior Under 10-11 yrs $230 $130 $250
Junior Under 12-18 yrs $250 $150 $270
Seniors $410 N/A $450

Please also note the following:

  • Active Kids Voucher (AKV) discount can be utilised for registrations of all school-age children, which would decrease the total fee owing by $100.
  • Life Members of Umina United who are still playing are entitled to a $100 discount on their registration fees.
  • Registering early will help minimise your costs! Registering up to and including 15 March 2021 attracts a savings of $20 for junior registrations and $40 for senior registrations.

What is included in the cost of my registration?

At Umina United, the registration costs outlined above are inclusive of all referee fees. This includes referee fees for all age groups (i.e. cadet referees for U5-U9 and official referees for U10 and over). Registration fees also cover our team nomination fees with Central Coast Football (CCF), ground maintenance and equipment, equipment for training and game days, end of season presentations, and club running costs. Our non-competition teams (U5s-U9s) will also receive a free playing shirt which is theirs to keep. Playing shirts for all older age groups will be supplied as part of the team kit (to be returned at the end of the season). Club playing shorts and socks are available for purchase at our grading days and at Umina Oval once the season commences.

How do I register?

Please note: Play Football is no longer being used to complete registrations in the Central Coast Football
(CCF) competition. ALL players, coaches and managers at Umina United are therefore required to self-register online through the NEW CCF registrations and competitions system, using the following link:

If you are a new player, you will be asked to CREATE ACCOUNT before registering. All returning players, coaches and managers from last season already have their details loaded into the system, and will be required to SIGN IN to their account before registering. You can log in to your account using the email address you registered with last season, or your FFA number. Your default password (8 characters) is the first two letters of your first name with first letter upper case, day and month of birth, last two letters of surname. For example, “Bill Brown born 5 July” would have the default password: Bi0507wn

Registrations can be completed online via a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. Prior to completing registration, the CCF system will require you to provide or update your details, including providing a NEW MANDATORY PHOTO. Therefore prior to completing registration, please make sure you have:

  • A photo, saved onto the device you are using to complete your registration. This photo MUST be a forward-facing portrait style head shot (similar to a passport photo). No-one else is permitted to be present in the photo, and no hats or sunglasses are to be worn.
  • Your active kids voucher number for school-aged children, should you wish to use it.
  • For coaches and managers, your Working With Children (WWC) check number. You can apply for your WWC check at:

What is the Active Kids voucher and how do I redeem it?

All school-aged children are eligible to apply for the government’s “active kids” voucher, which provides a
$100 discount off their soccer fees (providing this has not already been used in 2021 on another sporting activity). Please remember to apply for your voucher FIRST and have your voucher code ready to enter when you register in the CCF system. You can apply for your Active Kids voucher online through Service NSW at:

Please note that the active kids voucher cannot be redeemed after you have completed your registration – your individual voucher code needs to be entered as you complete your CCF registration, and $100 will then be automatically deducted at the check-out.

How can I pay for my fees?
Payment can be made in three ways:

  1. Online, during the CCF registration process (this can only be done with a credit card).
  2. Offline, by depositing your payment straight into the Club’s bank account:
    Umina United Soccer Club
    Account Number: 151120615
    BSB: 633000 (please use PLAYER’S NAME as the payment reference)
  3. In person, using cash or EFTPOS at our club grading days (when advertised), or at other pre-season opportunities.

Please Note:

  • You MUST still register online via the CCF link, regardless of payment method.
  • During the online registration process, should you nominate to pay “offline”, you cannot later re-enter the system to pay online with a credit card.

What is the deadline for registering and for settling fees?

We would ask that all junior players are registered online prior to attendance at our compulsory grading days and team allocation days in February. All fees need to be settled in full by Sunday 8 March 2020. All fees must be settled in full before your registration can be approved as “active”. Once your registration has been made active, you will be added into a team and will then be eligible to take the field.

Are payment plans available?

Yes. We are happy to work with you regarding flexible payment plans. One option is to contact your own financial institution and set up automatic deductions into the Umina United bank account (setting the amount and payment frequency of your choosing). Alternatively, you are able to make your own part payments straight into the club bank account. If you would like to take advantage of a payment plan, please advise the Registrar. PLEASE REMEMBER TO USE THE PLAYER’S NAME AS THE REFERENCE WHEN DEPOSITING INTO THE CLUB BANK ACCOUNT SO WE CAN TRACK YOUR PAYMENTS EASILY.

What happens if I cancel my registration?

Should you wish to cancel your registration, please email the Registrar: Please note that all cancelled registrations will incur a $30 cancellation fee (to be deducted from your registration refund). You will be refunded the balance of what you have paid into your nominated bank account (we will do our best to have this completed within five working days). No refunds are available once Round 1 commences.

How is information communicated to me?

Whilst you are welcome to email us, the bulk of our information is communicated directly to all our members via the Umina United Facebook page, or on the Umina United website. It is your responsibility to regularly check either of these places for all information in 2021. The CCF app will be available for download onto your phone prior to the season commencing. This app will be used to notify you of important messages (e.g. ground closures, fixture changes). Once players are allocated into teams, team coaches and managers will decide how best to communicate with their players and/or parents (phone message apps are commonly used for this purpose).

What if I have a problem with completing my registration or have further questions?

For technical assistance with completing online registrations using the CCF system, please contact CCF, phone: (02) 4362 4300, email:

For information related to Umina United, please check the Umina United Facebook page or the club website, as all relevant information for the 2021 season will be posted there. You are also welcome to contact our Committee Members as needed (their contact information is available on the club website). For further enquiries related to registration, please email the Registrar:

Please remember that all our Committee Members are volunteers, who are juggling their own work and family commitments. Whilst we do our best to respond to your questions and requests as quickly as possible; your understanding, support and patience are greatly appreciated. Thank you for choosing to register with Umina United Soccer Club!